Are Your Renovation Ideas Creative Enough?


We’ve all, at some point, had great renovation ideas for our homes. Whether it’s a case of freshening up a few rooms or expanding to creating some much needed space, every homeowner likes to incorporate some much-needed change into their projects.

But are you dreaming big enough? Are you renovation ideas as creative as you’d hoped for, or is it a simple case of paint-by-numbers decoration?

Of course there’s nothing wrong with the latter, sometimes all you need is a few improvements here and there to get the job done. But for something more exceptional, it pays to think more ambitiously.

We’ve put together a few key points to consider before you decide to go ahead with your renovation project, in the hopes of achieving something a little more grandiose.

Don’t let yourself get walled in

True creativity knows no limits. When it comes to planning home improvements, try to envision something beyond the limitations of those internal walls.

With the right level of creative vision and professional insight, unlocking the full potential of your home is easier than you may have originally thought. Removing walls can help open up space, increase light, and realise ideas that would have otherwise been impossible.

Don’t just be upfront about what you want, be open

Taking the plunge to adopt an open-plan layout can sometimes feel a bit intimidating. You either find the idea too unconventional to work, or you’re utterly convinced it is something that can’t possibly be implemented in your home.

Don’t be afraid to imagine your home as open-plan when you’re putting ideas together. Open-plan living is in high demand right now and can do wonders for freshening up the layout of your home and improving the way you interact with your living space.

Start with the kitchen and dining areas, two completely different spaces that naturally come together.

More than just a bathroom

When it comes to bathroom refurbishments, it’s all too easy to think of your bathroom as just that - toilet, shower, tub, and that’s it. True, we may spend less time in the bathroom than many of the other rooms around the house, but it’s still a room used for many purposes.

Aim for something more than functionality. Think about ways in which colour and layout can be used to effect mood, much in the same way you would with a bedroom or living area, and look at ways to implement them. Spas are perfect places for contemporary, stylish bathroom design inspiration.

Free standing bathtubs, for example, can be positioned in the centre of the room, providing a clear focal point, whilst dramatically changing up the spatial layout for a completely different feel.