Celebrating 30 Years Adding Value and Modern Luxury to Properties in North West London


Marking our 30th year of business in the Queens Park, Kensal Green and Harlesden areas, we wanted to take a look at some of the ways value, style and luxury can be added to some of North West London’s most beautiful and exquisite properties.

We’ve witnessed a fantastic transformation over the past several decades, working on some of our most enjoyable, exciting and truly inspirational projects in that region. And we look forward to another 30 years of bringing quality, creativity and exceptional customer service to more refurbish and remodelling projects to come.

Make Sure Your North West London Property Value Keeps Climbing

The recent surge in house prices - notably in the Queens Park, Kensal Green, Harlesden and surrounding areas - means more homeowners are thinking about strengthening their investment, adding size and space, as well as ‘kerb appeal’, to ensure value continues to climb.

With the average property price being £920,000 (you’re looking at anything from £7,000 to £1,000,000 for a two-bedroom terrace, and around 2.5 million pounds for a 4 bedroom detached) it’s worth noting than adding an extension increases value by 20%. Whilst adding an extra bedroom adds around 11% depending on the size.

The value of space

Of all the factors that add value to any home, space is certainly at the top of the list. Having more usable space is generally thought to be consistent with better quality accommodation and people are prepared to pay for it. The main reason being that it makes for a more viable long term to permanent living solution.

In other words, a house which already has enough space to accommodate a growing family will be more appealing than a house that doesn’t. Consider the average buyer in this area are professional couples and young families, it pays to ensure your property is future-proofed for the area. 

The luxury of modernisation

Of course there’s more to adding extra space to your North West London property than upping the market price, it’s also an excellent chance to bring your beautiful, traditional looking building in-line with contemporary styles and features.

There’s a high demand right now for modern, luxury homes that remain faithful to the surrounding vernacular of established and affluent British architecture.

An open plan layout is bang on trend at the moment, especially amongst homeowners looking for ways to modernise their home, and extending the kitchen - unifying it with either the living or dining areas - is a great way to achieve a spacious, pragmatic and sleek internal layout, without compromising the classic appeal of your house.

Loft Conversion North West London - A Case Study (Main Picture)

This beautiful loft conversion in North West London Kensal Green is a prime example of what can be achieved with the right vision and expertise.

The brief was to create a luxury loft conversion, a complete refurbishment of the old structure to bring added space, value and modernism to this 1930 build, which included a bedroom with ensuite.

A new roof was required as part of the refurbish, as well as new hardwood windows, boiler instalment, plumbing and wiring throughout - all of which was done by Charles Henderson Construction.

The result is an elegant third storey living space that is both classic and contemporary. A real jewel sitting atop this North West London property.