Great House Extension Ideas For Breathing New Life Into Your Home


There are loads of great house extension ideas but a truly inspirational one can breathe new life into your home. More than just an ideal solution for adding extra space, an extension can unlock an entirely new way of living.


When it comes to refurbishment, working to the current structure of your property can bring with it all kinds of limitations and impracticalities. This is where an extension done well can open things up, allow for more creative freedom and reconfigure what’s already there in order to create the perfect layout you’ve always wanted.


Stuck for ideas? No problem. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite home extension ideas for you to take inspiration from and work into your own project.


Open plan living


Kitchen extensions are a common way of improving functionality of one of the most practical, regularly used areas of the home. A kitchen extension done well can unite both the cooking and dining areas, facilitated by an open plan, in order to create a contemporary space that looks as good as it feels.


Open plan kitchens like this are in demand right now. Modern, bang on trend and perfect for entertaining, they provide an ideal solution for homeowners looking to increase kitchen space in a stylistic and practical way.



It also completely changes the way we ‘feel’ about kitchens, turning typically confined and dispassionate rooms into spacious, inviting areas full of character and panache. This open plan kitchen extension has been designed with no awkward angles or insufficient corner cupboards.


Bringing the outdoors inside


Sunlight is a valuable asset and helps to create brighter, airier living spaces inside the home. An extension that makes good use of Velux windows can maximise the amount of light coming in for such a desired effect.



This modern dining room is beautifully well-lit and provides a warm, inviting space for hosting.



The rich, dark oak used throughout this modern yet retro kitchen is wonderfully contrasted by the dazzling sunlight.


A sunroom offers such benefits and can be enjoyed much in the same way as a conservatory, but with a conventional insulated roof to better suit the aesthetics of your house. With an insulated wall in place, sunrooms are more easily controlled from a temperature standpoint and can be open to the rest of the home.



This dappled room provides the perfect spot to sit down and bask in the warm afternoon sun.



This sunroom utilises a simple glass and white colour scheme to create that much-desired clean, fresh and minimalist environment.


Bringing the upstairs down


Whilst upstairs renovations can be limited, ground level expansions are an easier, affordable way of expanding on space you would typically associate with the second storey.



This downstairs bedroom is stylishly fitted and includes a sliding door that leads out onto the garden. Perfect for providing additional private space for accommodating a growing family or visiting guests.