Great Ideas for a Stylish Bathroom Refurbishment


When it comes to major refurbishments, the bathroom often gets overlooked. And that’s a real shame because, even though we might not realise it, we all spend an awful lot of time in the bathroom; it’s where you start and end your day so functionality and a style that reflects your personality are both very important.


With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of great bathroom refurbishment ideas for you to claim as your own. Enjoy!


Mixing up tile colours and textures 

Instead of choosing a single design or colour of tile, experiment with different types of colour and textures. All too often we tend to favour the clean look but that can sometimes come across as boring and sterile. Decorating is supposed to be about expression and feeling. So why not try that out in the bathroom?


Make a statement 

Most rooms around the house will have a focal point that purposely draws the eye, such as a fireplace or seating area. There’s usually no room for such statement pieces in the bathroom - we’re usually in and out again and that’s typically how we view it. Make a statement by stylishly highlighting the main purpose of your bathroom, whether it is a freestanding bath for your ‘dreamy spa’ or a walk-in shower.


Suitable storage 

Don’t let clutter and disorganisation take over your bathroom. Utilise every available space with clever storage solutions. You can be as overt or discreet as you like, it all depends on the overall ‘tone’ you want your bathroom to convey. Concealed units, for example, are perfect for that modern minimalist feel, where as decorative shelving and baskets might be more your thing.


Create a comfortable transition

The key to any stylish, comfortable space is a smooth transition from one room to the other. The exact same thing can be said for your bathroom - which is typically quite jarring when you consider how different it is to other areas around the house. Create an area at the entrance that serves as a way to gently ease into the bathroom.


In general, a wise use of this space - whether grand or just large enough to outfit recessed draws and cabinets - would be for storage. If you have the space, you might want to consider a small table with beautiful things on display, or build a niche where you can showcase decorative pieces or any hanging art.


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