Great Ideas for a Stylish Bedroom Refurbishment


It’s where we go to retreat from the everyday stresses and unwind, or gain a little peace and quiet amongst the chaos of family life. We are of course talking about the bedroom, and of all the spaces in your home, it’s probably the most intimate and reflective of your personality.

There’s no one-way to rightly plan a bedroom refurbishment, but there plenty of things to consider if you want the best outcome. From design to layout, we’ve put together a list of important aspects certainly worth thinking about.

Colour accordingly

Whilst it’s tempting to dive straight in when planning a new colour scheme, it’s best kept in mind that some colours will work better for you, regardless. Neutral and pastel colours help to create an airy sense space, and are therefore ideal for smaller bedroom where space is limited. Darker colours, however, offer a sleeker, more classical design, and are generally favoured amongst homeowners looking for style the master bedroom.

Simple layout

Unlike the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, functionality to any bedroom is fairly simple, and this needs to be reflected in the layout. Don’t overcomplicate with clutter; it can be awfully tempting to use up every last bit of room, but empty space is more effective.

Focus on the view

What is the centrepiece of any bedroom? Some people will tell you it’s the bed, but the it’s view out of the window and the light coming through that is the true focal point. Besides, it always feels nicer when the first thing you experience upon waking is pleasant view out of the window. Try to come up with a layout that works around this notion.

Ground-breaking change

If you’re planning on expanding your property to accommodate an extra bedroom, then a loft conversion was probably your first thought. However, building a ground-level extension and having a bedroom downstairs might be a better use of space, especially if you want to incorporate your new bedroom with more living space - perhaps with an ensuite.

A downstairs bedroom might also suit better if access and climbing multiple flights of stairs is an issue for you or a member of your family.

Storage can be stylish

Often the whole idea of redesigning your bedroom is to free up space, so it makes sense to think carefully about storage options. Figuring out everything that needs to be stored beforehand will help you decide what type of storage is needed and the best ways to configure your setup. Sliding wardrobe doors are the epitome of chic, whilst fitted wardrobes are prefect for tight spaces.

The interior fittings of your wardrobes will also need some consideration. You want a system that works for you, which may mean prioritising hanging-room, or maybe you’d prefer to make greater use of modular compartments instead.