How Bringing the Outside Indoors Can Add Value to Your Home


One of the major qualities homebuyers look for is coherence; a seamless integration of usable, functional and attractive space that provides a comfortable living experience. This is one of the reasons why open-plan living has grown so popular. 

But is spatial integration limited to the inside of your home, or are there ways to bring the outdoors indoors and further increase the value to your property? It may sound radical - and if we were talking literally then it would be - but viewing the garden as ‘another room’ and finding ways of making it more a part of your home is a great idea.


Unobstructed views and access

One of the simplest ways of bringing the outdoors inside is by creating a clear view of your garden from the living or dining area. Sliding glass doors not only provide easy access to the garden, but also gives a more direct, broader view without obstruction.

Simply improving the view of your garden can help remove perceived barriers between the indoors and outdoors, making for a cohesive and more modern living environment. Of course, making access to the garden easier will make this more apparent, but it’s the subtle effects that have the greatest day-to-day impact.

Patios and decking are effective ways of physically ‘extending’ into the garden, especially if you’ve got sliding or Bi folding glass doors you can fling open during the summer, but for an all-year-round solution to enjoying the garden indoors you need to think a little bigger…

Building into the garden

Extending your house into the garden is an instant win for gaining extra living space - that much is obvious - but even though you can achieve the same thing with a loft or basement conversion, you can only integrate internal and external elements of your home with a conservatory or extension.

If you’re lucky enough to be able utilise the space in your garden, both of these options can provide your home with the right levels of ambient light and unobstructed views to bring the outdoors inside. Extending the kitchen is popular amongst homeowners who want a more pleasant dining experience at home, making use of natural daylight coming through to create brightness and the appearance of space. This effect can be enhanced by adding a glass roof to increase the amount of daylight as well as providing a stunning alternative to looking up at plain old ceiling.

Not everybody has the room for a grand kitchen extension, especially those living in areas where space is tight, such as a terraced property for example. There are still ways of achieving the same outdoor/indoor effect however, with a side return extension, which you can read more about on one of our previous blog posts here.