How to Improve Your Home With an Extension


Whether you’re looking to add more useable space to your home, increase the value of your property or accommodate for a growing a family, there’s lots of good reasons to extend. The number one reason simply being most homeowners love the area they live and don’t want to have to move, in order to get that ‘bigger’ house.


The increasing cost and hassle of moving combined with uncertainty in the property market makes staying put an attractive prospect. Besides, many properties have so much untapped potential - an extension could really bring out the best in your home.


So with that in mind, we’ve highlighted some points where an extension can really improve your home and make it a much better place to live.


Size Matters 

It’s what all homeowners and potential buyers look for in a long-term home. Increasing the size of your property won’t just make your home more comfortable for you and your family, but can also prove to be a real investment for the future.


Tip: Be area aware and talk to a local estate agent to find out what renovations are popular where you live. Every street has a ceiling value so don’t overdevelop if you want to see a return on your investment.


Making Light of a Problem 

Adding extra building work to your property is an excellent solution for limited space, but any alteration will change the delicate ‘lighting’ ambience your property was originally planned around. Some extensions, for example, may be out of direct sunlight during times of the day when you intend to use it.


Tip: Glass roof extensions are a brilliant way for ensuring a light-filled living space. This not only enhances functionality, by making practical areas more well-lit, but also accentuates space and creates a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.


Fresh and Somewhat Familiar

Sometimes all it takes a fresh perspective to make your home feel brand new, whilst comfortable and familiar at the same time. An extension is a great way of expanding on the liveable space you’ve already invested time and money into, whilst presenting new opportunities and ideas on how to use your entire space as a whole.


Tip: Think of your extension as an expansion of existing space - a kitchen may be extended to include a dining area, a bedroom to include an en-suite. It all really depends on what area of your home you would like to see improved.


Modernising Your Home

Jumping off from the last point, a home extension gives you the ability to modernise your home both inside and out. A common favourite is to extend the kitchen and then knock down an internal wall to create a huge open plan living area.


Tip: House extensions don’t just create new space, they redesign superfluous space. Think about the different ways an extension can improve day-to-day living and functionality.