Side Return Extension: Expand Your Home with a Glass Roof


When we think of an extension for the home, the first thing that comes to mind is all more space and how much it’s going to improve day-to-day living, but there’s so much more to be gained than you may have thought. Sure, all that extra room is going to work wonders, but what else could you be missing out on?

Expand further with glass

Natural light is one of the most desirable qualities a home can have, it doesn’t just brighten things up, it also increases the feeling of space, and improvements in building techniques with glass enables homeowners to accentuate and make the most of it.

Even the simplest side return extension - building into the side return to extend the home - can be improved tenfold with the addition of a Velux glass roof.

This otherwise unsightly, inefficient area can be capitalised to increase usable space, typically the kitchen, without having to sacrifice the front or rear garden. Adding a glass roof not only helps bathe areas in gorgeous sunlight, it also compliments the space already gained a considerable amount. Tight spots are opened up, dark corners are washed out, and everything feels more airy and spacious. It also makes a stunning alternative to looking up at a plastered ceiling, gazing up at an ever-changing sky instead.

Maximising natural sunlight in this way also helps to improve functionality, making kitchens a more well-lit and pleasurable environment to cook and even easier integrate into the rest of the home should you want to incorporate an open-plan layout.

More options with glass

Of course the more ambitious your home extension, the more options you have to play with.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to extend into your garden then a glass roof can really improve not just interior, but how it looks from the outside too. From pyramids to sloping panels, there are a wide variety of styles to compliment the appearance outward of your home.

Sliding glass doors leading out onto the patio are a fantastic addition for an all-glass look and really help to ‘bring the outside indoors’, providing clear and unobstructed views.

All in all, it’s important to remember to think beyond concrete and plaster if you want to really make the most out of an extension project. Otherwise you could be overlooking a very significant factor for increasing light and achieving the space you’ve always dreamed of.