Terraced House Extension - Making the Most of Your Home


With more than half of the properties in the UK making up part of a terrace, the desire - or perhaps even the need - to extend or remodel is forever on the rise. A terraced house extension is a cost effective way of creating that extra room you’re looking for, whilst internal remodelling can open up spaces you never knew existed.

Even the smallest terraced property has great potential - both inside and outside - which is why we’ve put together a few points to consider so you can make the most of your home.

Why remodel/extend your terraced property?

Living space is a valuable commodity in today’s property market and when buyers look to purchase a new home, it’s usually the first thing they look for. Terraced houses, although larger on the inside than they typically appear outwardly, are spatially quite limited. Extending your terraced property or renovating the internal layout can turn it into a valuable asset.

The original structure of your terraced property isn’t exactly designed for modern-day living; spaces are often tight, closed-off, and rooms not always laid out as practically as most homeowners would nowadays prefer. Removing partition walls to combine rooms or adding walls to larger rooms upstairs - thereby adding an extra bedroom or ensuite - can provide the extra space you need.

Options for extending

Depending on the type of terraced house you own, there are various options to extend your property by building outwardly. If you’re lucky enough to live in an end terrace, you could opt for a side extension. This will usually require planning permission because it brings the property closer to the property line.

If you don’t live in an end terrace then a side return extension could be right up your alley, making the most of the empty space jutting at the side of your property. We have already posted a recent article explaining the benefits and you can read it here.

Then you have the choice of a standard rear extension, usually extending the kitchen into your garden space. The immediate benefit of this type of extension is added size; increasing the size of the area you’re extending and then altering the internal layout - perhaps integrating your kitchen with your dining area for a more modern open-plan.  

Another option is to extend into the garden with an open plan rear extension. This doesn’t only add extra space but also helps bring more daylight into your home, integrating your indoor space with what’s outside - letting in the sunlight with elegant Velux windows and glass roof - utilising the most of the limited space available to you with no dividing wall or doors. This gives you more ways to enjoy your home, especially in the summer when it’s hot and the weather is perfect for barbecues or simply basking in the warm sun with a crisp, cold drink on a lazy afternoon.