Health & Safety

Charles Henderson Construction Ltd. (the Company) is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees, under the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the relevant Regulations, so far as is reasonably practicable.

We also fully accept our responsibility for other persons who may be affected by our activities.

We will take appropriate steps to ensure that our statutory duties are met at all times.

It is the duty of management to ensure that adequate resources are made available to ensure our statutory obligations will be fulfilled and that all processes and systems of work are designed to take account of health and safety and are properly supervised at all times.

Each employee and person otherwise engaged by our company will be given such information, instruction and training as is necessary and we will consult with all such people and encourage feedback from them so that we can jointly enable the safe performance of all work activities.

Adequate facilities and arrangements will be maintained to enable employees and their representatives to raise issues of health and safety.

Competent people will be appointed to assist us in meeting our statutory duties including, where appropriate, specialists from outside the organisation.

Every employee and person otherwise engaged by our company must support and fully co-operate with the company (including following the standards, procedures and guidance set out in the company documents mentioned below*) to enable all statutory duties to be complied with

The successful implementation of this policy requires total commitment from every type and level of employee and otherwise contracted person working for our company. Our clients and other parties, where appropriate, have the same legal obligation to ensure that our company, our staff and our other representatives are aware of and understand site specific health, safety and welfare policies, arrangements and procedures with which we are required to comply.

Each individual at work has a legal duty to take reasonable care of his or her own health and safety, and for the safety of other people who may be affected by his or her acts or failure to act.

*Full details of our company’s organisation and arrangements for health and safety will be set out in separate documents held at our office and where appropriate, at each location where our services are provided e.g. in the form of Method Statements, Project / Job instructions, Specifications, etc. and associated Risk Assessments.

This policy and the output from the systems supporting its implementation will be periodically monitored to ensure that our commitments are met and our objectives are achieved. This policy, our arrangements and supporting documented systems will also be reviewed and, if necessary, revised annually and when appropriate, in the light of legislative or organisational and work practice changes whenever these arise.