Basement conversions

Many people today have the need to add significant space to the lower portion of their property. Expanding families may require a much larger kitchen, dining or living area, perhaps too large to fit within even a generous ground floor extension, especially if garden space is at a premium. There is also an increasing demand these days to incorporate a study or workspace away from the common distractions of the family home.

An obvious alternative is to move home. However, the step up to a much larger property normally represents a financial outlay that many find too daunting to consider, especially given the uncertain economic situation of today.   

The best solution is often the creation of a basement. A basement conversion can offer the kind of significant expansion to your home that is usually impractical above ground and allows an idealized approach to the interior design, since the new basement space represents a blank canvass without original walls to hamper your design choices. Finally, basement extensions are typically much less costly than purchasing a new home equipped with similar dimensions.

We at Charles Henderson are proud to have designed and built some of the most exciting basement conversions London properties have to offer. Because basements allow such great range of creative expression, Charles Henderson is dedicated to spending whatever time is necessary to help you to realise the optimal design that will be both sympathetic to the rest of the existing building and meet your individual vision and requirements. We will be with you at every stage of the process, from design to excavation, waterproofing to decorating, keeping you fully informed as to every step we are taking and using expertise gained through more than a quarter of a century working within the construction industry. This is why we have developed such a strong reputation as a London basement company.