Kitchens & kitchen refurbishment

Kitchen extension is the principle reason people choose to extend their properties. They may serve to enhance the experience of cooking, allow an auxiliary dining area or permit the creation of a merged kitchen –diner, ideal for families to eat together comfortably or for special social occasions. It is vitally important to develop the best design possible since not only will the finished kitchen likely form the focal point of the home but also because making changes to the layout and design once the initial project is completed can prove difficult and expensive.

Decades of kitchen extensions in London at Charles Henderson Construction has taught us the value of getting the plan right the first time. Before trying to imagine the finished product we recommend first measuring the room, drawing an accurate overall layout on squared paper and establishing positioning of windows, doors and existing services ( gas, electricity and plumbing ) as an aid to final design. We always try to help clients achieve the optimum kitchen extension design without the additional cost of moving services but can do so if that is the best way forward. To help deal with the complexities of design, we at Charles Henderson offer a free design service with 3D drawings to help best visualize your future kitchen.