Loft Conversions West London

Charles Henderson Construction are renowned for outstanding loft conversions in West London.

You might think that a loft conversion is a lengthy process, but in reality you may be surprised at how quickly it can be completed to a high standard.

Why have a loft conversion in London?

One of the main advantages is the extra space that a conversion will create. It will usually give you at least one extra bedroom, plus the possibility of an extra bathroom, both ideal for those with growing families.

A conversion may also add value to your property. According to estate agents, a fourth bedroom is a highly-prized commodity for families looking to buy a house.

While a professional job which maintains the consistency of the existing style of the house can be valuable, a poorly-executed bodge job can actually knock money off the value.

So choose Charles Henderson to avoid a conversion calamity. We talk over exactly what you want doing, and ensuring you get a written, itemised quotations.

How long will the work take?

“The longest would probably be about six to eight weeks – that would be for a job with two rooms, for example.”

In most cases, a more straightforward job will take around six weeks from start to finish.

Planning permission issues

In general, most loft conversions do not need planning permission. However, there are some exceptions. For example, a listed building or property in a conservation area may have to apply for permission.

Also permission may be necessary if any part of the conversion will be higher than the existing roof, or if the position of any of the windows could invade a neighbour’s privacy.

Key points

A loft conversion is an excellent way of creating extra space without moving house

Work normally takes between six and eight weeks, depending on the size of the job

Most loft conversions do not require planning permission, but some do in certain circumstances.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship and service. All of our work is fully guaranteed. Our tradesmen and craftsmen are punctual, polite and of course highly proficient. You can rely on Charles Henderson Construction to complete your loft conversion project on time, within budget and to a quality and finish that will delight you.

Charles Henderson Construction has a policy of never leaving any of our clients in any situation whereby they are left on their own. From the moment we are commissioned we undertake to handle everything for you.

Charles Henderson Construction don't just do loft conversions in London like other companies, we can design and build house extensions, house renavation, new kitchens and bathrooms. 

We are members of Build Assure 10 warranty. It provides cover at similar standards to that which you would expect from a new homes policy. The cover is for a full ten years and is most suited to those who require long term protection and wish to add value to their property.