Renovations London

Several reasons exist for people to remodel the inside of their house. Some intend freshening up the property as an aid to selling it on. For others, house renovation is to improve an already cherished home. In some cases, owners feel a desire to radically change the style or feel of where they live.

One of the advantages of a refurbishment is that all of the above aims can often be achieved relatively cheaply, quickly and easily. A good example is the common practice of removing an existing wall in between a kitchen and dining room in order to create an open plan area. This can be accomplished within just days and yet utterly transform a home and how it feels living there. The same is true for changing individual features such as stairs, flooring, windows and interior doors. One particularly popular desire is the restoration of original or period features removed by previous owners, which requires skilled workmanship and access to select materials. 

Charles Henderson Construction has performed countless property refurbishments London - wide since first trading in 1985. We are happy to work on renovations projects from simple wall and chimney breast removals to enhance the sense of space through to a complete interior refurbishments and alterations works.

We are acutely aware that detail is important in achieving the best results; that the little things such as helping clients source hard to find, period doorknobs can be a huge factor in ensuring a successful and satisfying renovation. Another good example is aiding the careful selection of lighting solutions appropriate to the new decor and best suited to inspire the right mood. We can also advise you as to whether the planned refurbishment of a property is an opportune time to fit in additional works, such as updating electrical systems or on the best configuration and size of doorways to improve a sense of flow within the property.

With our experience of over thirty years within home improvements, Charles Henderson Construction is the perfect choice to help you make your dream home a reality.